Friday, 2 May 2008

More cool stuff with http.conf

Ok, I'm getting there. I know know a bit more about Apache's VirtualHost directive:

DocumentRoot /var/www/phpweb20/htdocs

This gives an absolute path to the directory where your web files will be served from. It can be anything you want.

<Directory /var/www/phpweb20/htdocs>
AllowOverride All
Options All

This says, for a given directory (and it says which in particular with the path) AllowOverride which allows me to use .htacess files in that folder. Not too sure what Options does yet.

The other cool bit is this line:

php_value include_path .:/var/www/phpweb20/include:/usr/local/lib/pear

This tells the PHP module in Apache where to look for include files. Pretty handy.

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